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The COMBO consists of a large rigid, foldable container with a sterile liner bag inside to hold the liquid product.

Like all the best ideas, this one is ingeniously simple. Yet, it leads to a packaging system that not only ensures the safe and hygienic transport and storage of liquid goods but which also dramatically reduces costs in comparison with traditional alternatives. Moreover, the bag-in-box concept simplifies handling throughout the logistics process, and being returnable and re-usable, substantially reduces the use of packaging material.

How is it manufactured?

The COMBO is manufactured in a dedicated production plant, using the latest plastic moulding techniques. This gives the product exceptional strength and durability. Suitable for long periods of storage, even outdoors.

Purchase / Rental Options

Depending on your requirement, you can purchase or hire COMBOs from Arlington Packaging. We can meet any order at a competitive price.

The Arlington COMBO comes in two sizes 1000 litre and 250 litre capacities.